8 Aug 2012

Laufbursche and his Backpack

Hey everyone, this will be a short post which I write mainly because I'm going to visit Mateusz in his shop in Cologne this Saturday.
I'm still thinking of a Huckepack to become my main backpack after spending too much time with a heavy pack. I dread to put it on once more so a visit to the Laufbursche workshop cannot come soon enough for me and my girlfriend.

Read on and get 1 free spreadsheet of all his fabrics ;) (that has to work to get you in)

Our visit will be a short one but we'll get a chance to try on some packs. This is very important for me because I cannot seem to get a right measurement of my back, so it's safer to just try it on.
Sarah also wants to try one on because she has absolutely had it with her Decathlon pack that fits her very oddly. However tight she pulls the straps, the backpack is just not clinging firmly to her back.

So yes, a Laufbursche quality built backpack chock-full of German craftsmanship sounds like music to our ears. Reading all the great reviews in blogs it definitely deserves a closer look! I will keep you updated about how the visit was.

In the meantime I am thinking about a custom pack but I'm worried it would affect the waiting time. I think I'll only look into changing fabrics if this doesn't mean I have to wait a lot longer. If anyone has some suggestions, feel free to post. I've already looked into the (awesome) custom packs on his site for some inspiration. What I would get is a whistle sternum clip (7,7g.) instead of the standard one if that's possible.

Now maybe something that can come in handy for everyone thinking about a Huckepack and possibly the reason why you've read on, dear reader: a spreadsheet (UL'ers love spreadsheets right?) comparing all the fabrics Laufbursche has.


Download link for a full size view :)

Thank you for reading!

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